Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Chevy Impala, The time is "Right Now"

Good afternoon everyone,

Just wanted to pass along information that I received yesterday.  GM came out with additional money for the Chevy Impala for GM Employee buyers.  The employee vehicle allowance (EVA) was $2,500.  Now it has received additional $1,000 to make it a total of $3,500 EVA.  You can't beat that.

So I grabbed an invoice of a 2012 LT Impala, with a LT Sunroof Package (which includes an Universal Home Remote).  The MSRP is $28,995.00

Lets take a look at the current incentives which are good through 2/29/12

MSRP $28,995.00
Pref     $28,268.41
EVA <$3,500.00>
Rebate <$4,000.00>
           $20,768.41 plus tax and doc fee

Oh yea, we do have the GM Loyalty Program going on right now.
You have a GM vehicle in the household that's a '99 or newer?  If yes, that's an additional $500.00 off

$20,268.41 plus tax and doc fee

That is a total of $8,726.59 off of sticker!

Here is a little music video for your Thursday afternoon...Right Now

Hope this information helps,

Mark H.

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